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    Considering Dedicated Server

    I am considering getting a dedicated server soon. What I would like are some details about what the features should be. I'm very new to the world of dedicated hosting. I would also like to know how much a good dedicated server is per month.



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    If you don't mind me asking... what will you be using this server for? Since depending on what you host determines the effect it will have on the server. Really you should be concerned about:

    - Quality server and specs
    - Reliable Network
    - Support

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    There are so many options. You need to look at your needs.

    Here are some questions to help determine what you need:

    What will you be using it for?
    How important is uptime?
    How important is 24/7 support?
    Do you need managed?
    How important is quality hardware?
    How much bw will you need?

    There are so many more questions and there are options for every question. Once you know what you need, you can then determine the host who meets your needs the best. For example, if you don't need a managed server, don't pay for one. Or, if uptime is important but not crucial to your survival, then pick a host with good uptime but maybe not the very best. The very best is expensive.

    There's a start.
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