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    Wanted: up to 100mbit unmetered colo in US

    Hi all.. I am looking for a colo to host a single 2U server

    Things I like, but don't absolutely need:
    West,Mid-west,Central USA
    Mzima,nLayer,Global Crossing or a good decent network
    Quick responses to issues

    I am looking primarily for 20-100mbit unmetered,unshared,dedicated bandwidth to the box, but I'll take <<removed>> suggestions for shared bandwidth as well. I'd love to get some <<removed>> suggestions for different speeds (10mbit,20mbit,50mbit,100mbit).

    Let's see what you guys come up with!

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    Check out ubiquity servers, they have locations all over, and use Mizma.
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    Only place I know with a good price on that kind of thing is FDC but don't think that's in your required area. Ubiquity are good though.
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    If you are really looking for a midwest location, I suggest that you take a look at USSHC. -- they are wonderful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZanyHost View Post
    Only place I know with a good price on that kind of thing is FDC but don't think that's in your required area. Ubiquity are good though.
    Chicago is in his area, Mid-west.

    I would check with FDC as I know they have that deal running still for bandwidth challenge.
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    Checkout They are located in NJ. I have 2U there with 10 megs unmetered, but I'm sure they can do 100.

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    What's about Joe's datacenter? Seems to be the cheapest around and I've heard good things.

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    I think FDCservers would be a good one for you as they have good colo offers. Their 2U colo comes with 10mbit unmetered standard but you can most likely up it to a 100mbit unmetered for a little more money but their sales can probably help you out with that more.

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