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    Reasonable Prices for Servers?

    I am looking at a couple different systems from various providers, I was wondering if you could tell me about what I should be expecting to pay for these types of systems:

    i7 940
    12gb memory
    2x 300gb WD velociraptors
    100mbit port
    3000gb transfer

    Dual Xeon Quad Core 5335 or 5345 or equivilent
    16gb memory
    12 - 16x 500gb SATA-II HDDs
    100mbit port
    5000gb transfer

    I am thinking something like $250 or something a month for the i7? I see a lot of 920's going for around $200 a month, but they typically have 6gb of memory with a single hard drive, or 7200rpm drives vs the 10k velociraptors

    For the other system i've seen anywhere from say $500 to $1200 a month or so.

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    These would be considered high end premium servers, plan on spending premium $$ for these.

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    I've checked around, most offers are around $400+ per month. Why would you want to use dedicated box for this? I think buying one system with this config and finance it then colo it would be a good option.

    At least you'll get to own the system after you've paid it off
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    I would say about $400-$500~ more or less per month. When you get to those specs, its almost time to start thinking about colocation.

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    About $300~$450 for the first, and about $800-$1200 for the 2nd.
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    I would be also interested if you could find any good deal on this. If I had somebody who would take care of the server I would definitively go with colo.. However since I'm a developer (no server admin) I need to have some reliable server support.
    So I can understand that you're looking for some reasonable price to cover that too. However I didn't find anything like this under $400 so far..

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    The servers with the such features are believed the ones from the last generation and as the reason they are very expensive and that is incomparable with your $250 budget

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    This may be your best bet:

    • Dual Intel Xeon 5420, 8gb ram, 1x 1TB RE3 HDD
      8x cores at 2.5ghz each
      8GB ram, +$15 for 12GB +$35 for 16gb (can upgrade to 32gb or 64gb if needed)
      1TB RE3 HDD +20 for 2x w/ raid 1, +$55 for 4x 1TB RE3 w/ RAID 10
      $199 2TB/100mbps Premium Mix OR unmetered/10mbps

    • Intel Core i7 920, 12GB DDR3 memory, 1x 1TB RE3 HDD
      Super fast DDR3, 4 cores at 2.66ghz each, new architecture with direct memory controller
      12GB DDR3 memory
      1x 1TB RE3 HDD, +$10 2x 1TB RE3 (lots of disk options in stock)
      $165 with 2TB/100mbps Premium Mix OR unmetered/10mbps
      $189 w/ 2x 1TB RE3 HDD & hardware raid 1
      OR supercharge the server:
      $210 with 12GB RAM, 4x 1TB RE3 w/ RAID 10
      Or faster drives
      $215 with 12GB RAM, 4x 73GB 10k RPM 2.5" SAS w/ RAID 10
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