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    Search Google by region

    Is there a way to search Google by region.I want to see who is locally advertising in a region. For example, if I were to search for 'Ski Shops' but I wanted to see who was advertising regionally in zip 80424.

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    go to google maps, and search for location:


    or search for 80424,usa
    if outside US

    click the 'search nearby' link on the marker, and enter

    ski shops

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    IF use Google extension by region what will happen? US browse search in UK data center or US data center?... welcoming valuable commends

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    I guess what you are asking for is how to pretend to search from a specific location? you can try using a proxy server for that.
    Improve either with this Holdem Guide or at Loltherake

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    It may due to the different servers that Google used in different conuntry!

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    You can try to change the search language in the google profile.

    However, you will not see the local advertisement, it detects your IP and shows you the your country advertisement.

    I think that the proxy, is the good solution.

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