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    Looks like it's time for another bad review for a hosting company and since I found them on this site I guess this is the best place for a bad review.

    The company was 2host and the service purchased was a VPS to host a simple vBulletin backed website. The cost should have been a warning - $5.00 a month - but was in the same range as many other VPS hosting companies with the package I purchased offering the same resources and bandwidth.

    During the hosting several issues arose. One I cannot totally blame on them as it involved the now famous LxAdmin and Kloxo vulnerabilities and that issue affected numnerous VPS hosts. My account was hacked through that system, the user database and the site were hacked, they obtained payment information to PayPal which they were successful in accessing as well as attempts to transfer my domains away from me.

    There were also several other notable downtimes which resulted in a few hours of being offline but I was lucky enough to have most happen on the weekends when the effect was not as bad had it been a weekday.

    But all of a sudden my site goes down. I figure it's another outage at the DC or something so I don't fret much and I put in a trouble ticket. Generally responses were fairly quick so I become a bit worried when I hear nothing back all day Sunday right through Monday evening and nearly Tuesday before anyone responds.

    The response finally comes:


    Your account has been suspended due to several DDOS/hacking attempts.

    Best regards,

    Tom Croiden "

    This I find really strange as I've never had this type of issue before. I received no notification that anything was going on with my account and being that one hour before the server went down I pulled log files to run an analysis and saw nothing at all out of the ordinary I find this excuse pretty bad.

    Why didn't anyone let me know why the account was being suspended? Why did it take nearly 48 hours to get a simple response? Why can they bring up no proof at all of this happening? Why will they not respond at all again when I tell them I would like to retrieve my database and be gone.

    My guess is it crashed and they are using this as an excuse instead of admitting the real facts. They won't let me retrieve my data because it's likely already gone. But in any case it would be nice if they would at least respond to a simple trouble ticket and tell me so.

    I'd avoid this company since their 'team' of experts comprises two people (if there are more I've never found them), their 'own datacenters' are actually those of River City Hosting ( which is right here in St. Louis and have made it clear this data center is NOT that of so the info on their own site is chocked full of lies. Domain owners are hidden, no refunds ever, etc., etc.

    Another shoddy host being run by a handful of people who had in the past made it clear they don't even know how to run their own control panels - use at your own risk.

    Now I'm curious to see if they want to respond to this post since they sure won't through their trouble ticket system.

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    It would seem that reason was 'off the cuff' and just an excuse for downtime and poor service. You will often find this with some hosts - they'd rather lie than admit the truth to the client when, 99% of the time, the client would like to know what's actually going on.

    It seems that this is someone's side-project. They don't seem to take their support very seriously with 'two support operators' and maybe their node went down and they didn't even notice? Hence the almost 3 day without notification outage.

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    Your account has been suspended due to several DDOS/hacking attempts.

    Best regards,

    Tom Croiden "
    I hate how most hosts do that, me and my partner are buying a server and gonna host our own services

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    It seems they're trading whilst also trying to actively market the domain name for sale on Sedo. Interesting.

    You have to question their commitment.
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    It sounds like an excuse to get you to move away from their hosting to be honest. It is easier for them to make up reason to get rid of you than to accept the failings of their support / hardware.

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    Ouch sorry to hear about this. It's sad to see provider's like this who can care less if they loose a client. I hope you had a back up since they are not willing to hand it over..

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    I am sorry to hear about your news.
    It's sad that some host not appreciate their client and don't have commitment for their business.
    I am sure you will find better host.

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    Angry 2host are scammers avoid!

    I dont know where to begin with these scumbags 2host. I paid $85 to have a vpn server installed on there vps. Then subscribed to there vps so i would never be late. Imagine my suprise that after few months my VPS was suddenly deleted losing all my data without an over due notice!

    Then the support was slow and so extremely rude and nasty to me. They where horrible. The had deleted the vps over 3 weeks ago and I forgot I was still subscribed. There billing was completely messed up. Saw the subscription payment go through and demanded a refund as it had not even been on!

    Those lowlifes didnt even reply to me they are scum. AVOID 2 host they are scammers and thief.

    I will be taking further legal action against them for sure!

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    I truly apologize for any inconvenience caused. Could you please give me the chance to help you by investigating this and make sure that a corresponding compensation is offered? Please send an email to support, and mention my name (Henry B) in the subject. Thank you!

    Our domain is not for sale, (and I am very sure, it will never be), I suspect this s an outdated auction from the seller, who we bought the domain from. I hope this clears any further doubts about our operations, if not please let me know!

    I am very sure this incident was not due to failing hardware. We select our hardware carefully, and use top of the line servers only. I can assure you that we run one of the most powerfull vps nodes in the market, and that the uptime of our nodes has been close to 100% since the launch of our services.

    I have seen multiple identical posts about your experience with our services. Please accept my apologies and I hope you will give us a chance to help you further, with a refund or rebuild your virtual server the way it was. Please send an email to support, and mention my name (Henry B) in the subject. Thank you! - Premium Services At Guaranteed Prices!
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    Might want to get this removed or changed in that case Henry.
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    sorry to bumping here..

    please take a look at ticket #772314

    i think tom croiden mistakenly reading my ticket. i need 5 more ips and already paid new invoice with 10$ extra for this month.
    last month invoice (des 2009) only 22$, this month become 32$.

    before upgrade, my vps already has 3 ips.
    instead of getting 5 (five) more new ips, which is 8 (eight) ips in total,
    for now i only get total 5 ips (only 2 new ips).

    some words from my ticket :
    seem that i need more, could you add 5 more ips ?
    currently, my account have 3 ips, after addition it will have 8 ips.
    still hoping that someone in 2host will solve this..

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