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    php and php-cgi


    I have php 5.3.0 for apache installed. Can I have other php version(like 5.2.10) installed as fastcgi. So, I would like to have 2 php versions, php and php-cgi(for lighttpd). Is that possible and how? Basicly, I need to have php for apache and php-cgi for lihttpd web-server installed on the server at the same time.


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    Yes, this is possible. Compile php for apache with apxs enabled with the default prefix.

    After that compile the php-cgi for lighttpd, with a different prefix like below.


    This will create a php binary in the path /usr/local/php-cgi/bin/php. You can specify this in the lighttpd configuration file as follows.

    "bin-path" => "/usr/local/php-cgi/bin/php"
    This way apache will use the first php and lighty will use the second one.
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