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    Need Virtual Server Hosting Advice

    Hi everyone,

    Looking for any advice / offers on moving my small company a step up from shared hosting.
    We are a photo agency - NYC location, lots of daily image uploads (not adult), - so we need more of storage space
    (a couple of gigs to start), but less of bandwidth, as there is no mass traffic on our site.
    UNIX, PHP, MySQL, JAVA, root access.
    My programmer MUST be able to install and maintain a small java server app that runs the chat/collaboration tools on our site
    (not allowed at current host).
    Need to be able to host several domains.
    Phone techsupport desirable.
    Reputable provider desirable.

    Is Virtual Private Server the way to go?
    Does the provider's location (east coast/west coast) matter for network speeds etc?
    What are some good companies to check out?

    Thanks in advance, any collective wisdom greatly appreciated,


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    It seems like a Virtual Private Server is what you need considering you need root access but only a little space and bandwidth. I suggest you check out and

    Good luck in your search

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    I would go the VPS root - or find a host that lets you install what you need (costs less that way)..i would post the exact things you need in the "Hosting Requests" area of the site.

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