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    Appealing to sporting clubs

    I've investigated many of the local facilities in my area and found out that many of them are really difficult to contact and dont have a website of any sort.

    So do you guys reckon it would be a good idea for me to approach sport clubs and facilities and ask them if i should build them a website and host them.


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    I am not sure people that go to these support bars go on the internet, unless they have special events but most rely on locals. You can approach them and see if they are interested.

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    This is similar to an idea I recently had.

    There are thousands of businesses in a city that do not have a website. Contact them, offer to a single page, plus domain and hosting for one year for x amount of dollars.

    Essentially a simple page with perhaps name, address, phone number, fax, hours of business and that's about it.

    Of course there's extra's to throw in, like email or backup offerings and lots of other stuff. But the point is, simple to start with.

    So my answer is yes, contact them. Print up some letters on your own letterhead and mail them. Mark them as attention to the business manager or better yet, call first and get the person's name and then address the letter to them directly. People are more inclined to read mail when it is addressed to them personally rather than "sales manager" or worse "occupant". is a premium plugin to make a directory using WordPress racing, mods, sales, and general discussion of pocket bikes

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    From a technical point of view most of those businesses could just go for a .tel domain, cheaper, no hosting expense required and it will show up all the infos they neeed to offer

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    Sure, a niche market is always a great way to enter into a market. A big thing for smaller businesses is make it affordable and make it sound very important, telling them why they should bother to spend money on it.
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    easy. ask for a business card from the and kind business owner. once you figure out there email ends in, or, you know that they dont have a website. easy sale! especially at any local chamber meeting.

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