Build Your Own Virtual Private Server

Each of Joe’s Openvz Virtual Private Servers comes with a base specification that you can upgrade based on your needs. Don’t get stuck with only a few plans. All our VPS’s are on NEW quad core servers.

Joe’s Base VPS

30GB of Hard Drive Space

700GB of Bandwidth

512MB of ram (Burstable to 1GB)

3 IP Address

MRTG Network Graphs

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Starting at $19.00 /Month

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Joe’s VPS Upgrades

Hard Drive Space 50GB-$3.50 / 70GB-$7.00 / 90GB-$10.50 / 110GB-$14.00 / 130GB-$17.50

Bandwidth 1200GB-$3.50 / 1600GB-$7.00 / 2000GB-$14.00

Ram 768MB-$3.50 / 1GB-$7.00 / 1.5GB-$10.50 / 2GB-$14.00 / 3GB-$17.50

IP Address 6-$3.50

Control Panel DirectAdmin-Free / cPanel-$14.00

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Joe’s O/S Options

CentOS 5

Debian 4

Fedora Core 5

Gentoo 20060317

OpenSuse 10

Ubuntu 6.06

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MRTG Network Graphs

No Contracts

No Hidden Charges

Free DirectAdmin if requested

Free Control Panel Installation

Free “Host at Joe’s” T-Shirt!

Live Datacenter Camera

Check out our website for more info and pictures of our datacenter

If you’re interested send me an e-mail to [email protected]