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    .ca domains

    Anybody know where i can get a .ca name for a good price?

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    that is where gets them i think.. right now they have a special for $25. Makes me feel stupid since i paid $50. |
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    1,008 sells '.ca' domains for (I think) $22.95 CDN. I haven't used them, but I think I may in the future...

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    22.25 including taxes.

    BUT only if you register 1 year at a time (more than 1 year, they 'keep' and then renew at the end of 1 year).

    edit: this is canadian dollars (19.99 w/o taxes, which is about 12.6582 USD). - Reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting - Friendly Customer Service - DirectAdmin - cPanel - InterWorx

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    You just missed their special

    You just missed BareMetal's monthly (October) special when they charged only CAN$19.95 (plus tax) for a dot-ca domain name (this made them the least expensive of all 75+ accredited registrar). Anyway, BareMetal is still among the best prices at CAN$24.95

    Apart from this,'s CA$19.95 (and plus tax of course) is the lowest possible price you can get since actually charges registrars CAN$15 for each registration. reminds me of Verisign/NetSol. They used to charge CAN$50 (plus tax, remember?), but have run promotional discounts of $40 several months ago and now it's only $25 for transfer from other registrars.

    Please be reminded that you must be a Canadian resident or company in order to register a dot-ca domain; unlike .us,'s rules are much tougher regarding registrants' Canadian presence requirements.
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