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    Question Home Page Menus - Text / JPGs / Javascript ??

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some thoughts for and against using text links / JPGs or javascript as a main menu navigation bar.

    I realise that the animated pics might look the prettiest but are they the best choice?

    Any comments ?

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    There really isn't any standard or best way to do it, it all depends on your market and design. I personally don't think animated pics would be the best, a subtle animation on a site can be a nice touch, but for main menu navigation, you want to keep it pretty simple. I stick mostly to JPGs with maybe a rollover script for the graphical navs, for the dynamic sites I go with text links. I stay clear of the fully javascript menus because they are not displayed the same on every machine or browser. Some line up, some break in all the wrong places, it's unpredictable. So I would say either text or JPGs.
    Kevin Hauge
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    Animated pics would be my last choice, but that's only my opinion, of course. I think AboveCenter hit it pretty much...well, on center. My personal preference is text/rollovers. That said, I'm all for any nav system that's clean and easy to use.

    Good luck.

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    I say images! Rollover text links can be good too.
    I think it just depends on the site though, but I would say images if it's just a small menu. But if it's got quite a few links, then text links for sure. I think as long as it's easy to use, looks nice, and loads quickly is all that really matters though.

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