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    Unhappy Backup on WHM/cPanel Problem!!!


    I have some problems with remote ftp backup on WHM/cPanel.

    Everything was fine until I had problems with the HDD and I restore the backup maked by WHM/cPanel with remote ftp option.
    I was surprised to note that certain accounts were intact, less mysql database on some accounts. All account files was intact, the mysql database missing. Why?
    Can someone please help me to understand why the mysql database are not in the backup?

    Thank you for understanding me!
    Have a nice day!

    All The Best!

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    this could be due to a huge database.

    You should probably try backing the domain manually and see if backup is working properly.
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    how are your atual settings?

    On WHM, go on Backup >> Configure Backup

    And see this option:

    Backup SQL Databases (at least "Per Account" is needed to use the restore feature)

    I use at my servers the option "Per Account Only" and the backup works perfectly.
    If you use the option "Entire MySQL Directory" the backup will create a full backup with every MySQL databases in a single file .sql

    Change this parameter and use the command "/scripts/cpbackup --force" to run backup at now, and "tail -f /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpbackup/LOGFILE.log" to have a real-time monitoring.

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