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    Looking For Partner

    Hi, My name is Gregorio.

    Im currently looking for a partner to go with me and purchase a Reseller or a VPS for no less then $15 and a Domain and to start a small time web hosting site.

    Heres what is in my mind.

    I thought of buying a small Reseller like for $5 to start off and get clients on it when we reach about 3 Clients on that reseller then we ether purchase a big reseller or a Server.

    I also think we should start off with clientexec and then upgrade later on to WHMcs and run cpanel/whm on all servers or resellers that later on we own.

    We can offer Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Web Designs.

    I need a partner that will spend money with me and be like a brother or a sister to me by that I mean that I can trust with money.

    I have a design for the site already and just need a partner that can help out with bills,support,accounting.

    You will get half of the total income of ever year or month.

    If your interested please send a email to [email protected] or PM me.

    From there on well talk.

    Thanks for your time for reading this thread.

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    Hi Gregorio I am interested in partnering, I have sent you an email.

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    i can help with the support and accounting part as im good at doing support, and im pretty good with numbers(as long as im not overwhelmed with a bunch at one time). - Shoutcast Streams & Web Hosting
    █ Custom Streams Available - Contact me - We're in Second Life Too!
    Real Quality - Real Support - Real Affordable since 2008!

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