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    Site Review Please

    I just made a litttle Photoshop site right here . I just want a review of the layouts and graphics as I'm not using it for anything. Thanks.

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    Is this the actual images you would use to create the site with? Having the site as all images makes it very slow to load. Especially the 2 large images on the right. As for layout it's too spaced out and plain. The left nav is too close to the edge and there is way too much space between that and the info on the right. If you are wanting that grain pattern as the background, you should make it as a background, not images. Your header text is hard to read with that texture applied to it, make it more clear. And lastly, I would make the site fit in 800 x 600, especially since there isn't much info to begin with.
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    The header is pretty hard to read. As AboveCenter said, I'd lose the texture. Also, there's too much space between the menu to the left and your information. The big image of the world is OK, but seems misplaced or the wrong size. Doesn't really add to the design; seems more of a distraction to me.

    On a better note, I like the colors you've used. You're off to a good start, just need some touching up.

    Good luck.

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    u could use ur images in a much better way ... they take ages to load at the moment ...

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    I remember this site being up for review a month or two ago. It does look better than before, but still could use some work.

    I agree with the above post with the texture, layout, and graphics.

    Judging by this review and your previous review it seems like you're trying to hard to use the textures, bevels, fads, etc.

    I feel that using real text instead of the image text would be easier to update/add content. Plus it would help with search engines/directories.

    You are offering graphical web design, but the site doesn't have anything to "catch" visitors attention to make them interested in your services. Nothing to make them say "wow, I want a site like that".

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    Ack! Yes, get rid of those non-needed bandwidth hoggers! I'd also recommend choosing a different background color. I've never been fond of teal.
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