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    * [Spanish and English] Level I - Level II - LiveChat - Costumer Services


    I'm able from 4pm EST to 12pm EST from Monday to Sunday.

    Pay Rates:

    $0.50 per ticket escalated
    $0.75 per ticket closed
    $0.25 per LiveChat + [commissions (successful sale only)]

    Salary can be negotiable on request.

    If you would like my personal info, contact me by PM or leave me you e-mail to contact.

    I don't like posting my personal information and experience on forums/sites. I send them just directly to people.

    Looking for a establish, serious, open minded company.

    If you have any question feel free to ask by PM. I won't look here.

    Test me first, you don't have nothing to lose, and much more to win.

    Thank you so much.

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    Dominican Republic
    Okay i speak Spanish and English.
    one question do you get lot of tickets?

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    I think you are misunderstanding the objective of this ticket.

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