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    Advice on advertising

    I'm trying to target churches with my hosting services, as I have a degree in ministry, and can relate to these groups well. I'm wondering if it is worthwhile to post an offer in the WHT offers section. Would anyone that I'm targeting actually read that area, or even come to web hosting talk?
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    I don't think you will find much of them here. We do work with some Churches around the Country, but most of them have been solicited by a reseller of sorts.

    But then again, it never hurts to try.
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    Looking at your website, there is nothing on it that screams 'church people only'. In fact, I would say your website is completely oriented to web hosting only, and don't seem much of a church theme other than the one link on your left side.

    So you could just as easy market your service on any general web hosting or web development forum. You might also consider making a 2nd website if you want to go for the full church brand.
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    Thanks for the insights. I see what you mean dbbrock1, that I don't target as much as I should. I'm trying different ideas to try and get some new customers. The only ones I have are people that I've done IT work for in the past. No matter what I've done with wording on the website (which I've revised and tried many things), or using adwords or other advertising online, doesn't seem to work.

    I've done a good amount of SEO, but even with that, the market is so saturated I'm not standing out like I should.
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    You can offer website development for churches initially. Buy Artisteer to create instant themes for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

    You can create websites for churches instantly with it. Contact several churches and offer them a free website and hosting. Get at least 10 churches. This will be your core portfolio.

    Once you've got 10 churches done, create a brochure and send it out to churches across your state and so forth. This will get people's attention more since you've already got some 10 churches websites as portfolio.

    Good luck!
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    Offer to do a few church websites for free and keep in touch with them. This will give you a good base portfolio to develop some promotional material. If your start up church clients are happy with what your doing, chances are they know another minister that would love to have a new website as well. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and it only costs you time. Good luck!
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