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    * Php project ideas? Help please!

    Hi, I am in a class where i pretty much read about php, and learned it and messed around all period programming. I am not REALLY advanced, but I need some cool ideas of what someone at a little more than a beginner could possibly make for my final project. This is worth 15% of my grade, and any ideas that would impress my teacher would be great. I am having a hard time comming up with an idea.


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    This is a simple flatfile program I'm assuming?

    There's a ton that can be written quickly.

    Make an article managment system, just 2 layers deep, list categories and then list articles.

    From there you could add whatever you like. Breadcrumb menus, multiple page navigation, etc. Depends on how much time you're looking at putting into this.

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    I want something that will impress but wont take me all night.. if you have aol, icq etc. I would appriciate it if we could discuss this more.


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    I'm actually at work, and it's 5 o'clock So I'll be leaving in a few. Ask any questions here, and I will try to check back from home tonight. You say "Take all night", does that mean this project is due tomorrow?

    How much time are you looking to spend? A few hours?

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    Projects due tommorow ya... ;-) i am a procrastionator haha but who isn't? I want to spend maybe 2-3 hours tops.


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    LOL, slacker!

    Honestly, I would take a look at for an idea.

    Make a simple mailer form or something, that's easy enough. Then you can add cookies or write the user's IP to a flatfile and then check against it for security. Oh the possibilities

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    Content Management System ... they're easy to do but still manage to impress the vast majority of people.

    Genre system (News, Articles, etc.) to manage what goes where, backend, frontend and if you want to get fancy make a comment system.

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