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    Review my site - especially Arabic speakers


    It's an informational site about the different types of webhosting available and directory for hosting companies that cater to the Arabic speaking market -- the domain name itself means "hosting" in Arabic.

    Right-to-left languages are hard to program for, especially me not being a native speaker I had to rely on translators, so I tried to keep it simple.

    Anyway, looking to hear your comments.

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    HI idns nice like t bt i think it needs some finishing touches maybe u could make t more attractive+i also did register in the website and hope if u see ma reply ans back n arabic...............

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    The design is too simple, its just one picture. You should add some banners, borders and other backgrounds etc. to make it rich in design.

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    There is nothing to there for us to review. The text is fine, but no design? Even a pink border would be something.
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    Needs a lot of work.. I see no design on that page
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    you need improvement on your page

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    need a design here...its plain...

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    dat's really perfect site I liked it as well

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