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    Anyone know what has happened to Zurca Hosting Company?

    Does anyone know what's happened to Zurca?

    I received a notice that they had completed their
    maintenance and that everything was fine....

    And, my sites have been down for three weeks.

    Their site is down.

    I'd really appreciate any info anyone has.

    Thanks Dee

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    Yikes. 3 weeks. Not looking good for you... good luck

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    Well i guess its time to move to a reliable host and use the most recent backup you have of your site. If you really care about your website/business then you shouldn't really waste any more time.
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  4. #4 seems to be fully operational for me. I tried to contact their sales department... closed.

    Though, I can definitely echo HostiaWeb here. Personally I never would have purchased from the provider in question on appearance alone. Not a bash, it looks like a lot of work went into the site... Just seems less professional than some of the competition. Stick with someone you know will be there.
    You may want to use there technical contact if you can not reach them.

    Though, I must repeat works just fine for me.
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    There website appears to be online. There is a contact number listed on the Whois. Perhaps try giving that a call.

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    Zurca appears to be gone! Can't get ahold of anyone there. My sites are down. Their site seems to be down. And yet they are still selling on EBAY! How can that be?????

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    I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but if a host is gone for 3 weeks they usually don't come back. I think at this point any further efforts to contact them would most likely be futile.
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    I agree. My sites have not been down for three weeks, but they are down and gone now. I have already purchased a different hosting package elsewhere just thought it was strange that they are still selling packages on EBAY.

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    It really looks like bad news but you should really consider getting a new host!

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    their site works just fine for me
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    strange that they are still selling packages on EBAY
    Strange Perhaps. But as a large auction website you can see why people would do it!
    I personally would never buy webhosting from an auction site unless I had some sort of experience or know more about the company

    Site is up for me aswell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bowoods View Post
    Zurca appears to be gone! Can't get ahold of anyone there. My sites are down. Their site seems to be down. And yet they are still selling on EBAY! How can that be?????
    What's your domain? if you don't mind to post it publicaly. Their site works fine to me, maybe you're just banned on their firewall?
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    Would also like to test your website (to see if it just you or it is down). Other than that; yea, would never trust an ebay host personally. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    Or try accessing your site/cPanel through a proxy to see if any attempt can be made to view your site.
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    94 is working perfectly for me. As Brandon mentioned, please try visiting their site through a proxy, and let us know if that solves your issue.
    Joshua G.

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    The site is working fine for me as well, but three weeks of downtime is huge, and it's long past the time to post a thread like this.

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    Site is up for me as well (last time I saw downtime like that was when registerfly got in trouble with enom lol) I would have posted this after a few hours not 3 weeks.

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    Hi DeeMiller and bowoods, sorry I didnt see this thread earlier to give you some assistance.

    Sorry for your trouble, this is mostly caused by firewall blocking your IP address, which in most cases is due of invalid logins attempts to your hosting panels..

    Our servers have been working fine with no major downtimes if not downtime issues at all as far as I recall and regarding our logs.

    As we all know sometimes hardware failure or network outages happens from time to time, but most of time issues are fixed within a few hours and not weeks. so you must likely been blocked by our firewall.

    I hope your contacted our support dept and your IP has been unblocked.

    this is easily fixable by sending an email diretly to our support staff so they can unblock it:
    support at

    or you can contact me via WHT forums and send me a pm so I can do a followup on your case.

    I am pretty much on WHT in a daily basis.

    Anyways I am hoping you already have resolved your IP blocking issue, if not, just send me a pm with your domain and server your account is hosted on.

    Last edited by zurca; 09-14-2009 at 06:44 PM.

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    Where is Zurca

    Hi LT?

    I had not tried logging into zurca for a long time...

    Why would my IP be blocked from zurca?

    Why would my email to Zurca be returned?

    I used a proxy as someone suggested and was
    able to pull up zurca and my whm account as

    This really sucks. I had no problems logging
    into my whm prior to this ..... it began
    immediately after I got your message at the
    beginning of August about your servers being
    down for maintenance.

    You guys have been awesome. I've had a ton
    of trouble with other hosts in the past and have
    been really pleased with Zurca's service.

    I don't understand what happened or why...

    I will just really appreciate having it fixed.

    Last edited by DeeMiller; 09-15-2009 at 01:36 PM.

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    Hi DeeMiller,

    I will be glad to help out.

    PM me your home pc, or router gateway IP address that your isp provider assigned you, also pm me your domain account and the server is hosted on, so I can look it up on our firewall block list

    awaiting for your reply.

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    As their service have been pleasing and their representative is still willing to help you; I assume there won't be any problems to get your problems sorted out soon. Give him the details and hope every thing will be fine and pleasing as earlier.

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