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    Here is a review for a company I have been using for 1 year. I have tried several hosting companies over the years (godaddy, hostgator, dreamhost, & others). All of them have been ok at some of the things (except godaddy which sucks at everything).

    Now I only use Not only because their process is much easier, but because they are the only ones who really provide good service. Seriously, if you ask these guys a question they will get back to you extremely quick with a helpful response and at all hours of the day.

    That is worth more to me than saving a couple of bucks with one of those bigger companies - except, for some reason they are even cheaper. They're awesome.

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    Funny their website seems down to me (and to a few of the tools I use just to make sure it's not just me). They seem pretty new (website reg'd on 3/08) and their "intro" post to these forums was on 9.08

    So timing wise you would be one of their very first customers? How exactly did you find them? You may want to report your website that you have hosted with them (click the little red report icon on your post) to validate that you are a customer.

    Looks like their cpanel accounts were taken over by VPS Outlet:

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    lol... What a time to get our first review.

    First, thanks for the kind words kelhala.

    Second, this review was posted on both the day after our cPanel accounts were acquired by vpsoutlet (not our entire client base or company), and on the day of our first major outage in a year.

    Anyway, to clear things up a bit, vpsoutlet has taken over control of our cPanel clients (which was about 40% of our client base). We sold this part of the company because we basically changed to a DirectAdmin only provider.

    As for how long kelhala has been with us... I believe he was one of our first clients. We're pretty active on, so I'm sure he found us there.

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    Just wanted to follow up on the post. I have been on their shared plan much longer than VPS, that was recent. I never saw that their site when down when you mentioned. And my sites were not down so I'm not sure when you checked exactly.
    The main difference I see with zensix is really good response time to questions. When I think about the experiences I had with other major hosting companies (like godaddy, hostgator, etc) it usually was just the opposite - it took a day to get a response and then it was vague and not at all what I was asking so I had to resumbit a ticket. It felt like a huge company with autoresponse emails. No customer service and frustrating to deal with when you are running a business on one of these sites and need answers quick.
    With zensix, however I get a quick and correct response each time. That to me is a real benefit over other comapanies I've used.
    And yes, to answer your question, I heard about them on wickedfire. Lots of guys over there use zensix services.

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