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    Nutsmail still in business?

    We're using Squirrelmail on our servers but would like to pretty it up a bit. I'm interested in purchasing one of the Web 2.0 themes from nutsmail, but I need to make sure that it will work on my mobile phone first (The default squirrelmail theme does, which is functionality I'd like not to lose)

    I contacted them to try and get a live demo of the software several days ago, but have yet to hear back from them. So are they still alive over there? Or, even better, does anyone here have the nutsmail Web 2.0 installation running and would give me a demo account for a few minutes to test the functionality?

    Just need to test before I buy.

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    What about AtMail? We are using AtMail and they're pretty awesome.
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    The atmail default layout is not nearly as attractive as nutsmail. PLUS, I know how squirrelmail works, I know THAT it works, and I would like to extend its functionality with nutsmail. I just want to see if it works with my mobile device before I purchase it.

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    Anyone bought their new Web 2.0 theme?

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    Yes, I bought the Steel Gray, and was very dissapointed. The page is formatted using frames, a left bar and a right bar which scroll independently of one another giving the page a very shoddy feel. When adding widgets to the left side bar, you get a very ugly scroll bar when the length of the left bar exceeds the length of the visible page.

    Here are some photos of the problem:

    I submitted a support request with nutsmail to ask why they created the code in such a manner, but have yet to hear back.
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