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    VPS all over the world world (exotic locations, too)


    I'm looking for VPS all around the world. (~256MB RAM, ~20-50GB monthly bandwidth max, little disk space, Linux - preferably Debian), pretty much a basic VPS will do in any location.

    As an English only speaker, it's quite a challenge to find and complete signups to various international VPS providers, I'm already ripping my hair out after just a few (US, UK, CA, NL, FR, DE, AU), and these were pretty much the easy ones...

    I hope some of you can hint at some providers in places as diverse as Japan, Korea, India, Russia, Brazil and any other country that comes to your mind (I need them all).

    Much appreciated,

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    Gary, browse through the vps offers forum where you will see various vps providers advertising their services. Maybe you will be able to pick a few who provision vps' offshore.

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    not sure what you are looking to do - but have you considered using a CDN for the purpose?

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    What would the purpose be? What is your budget?
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    Are you looking for managed or unmanaged vps ?
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    Looking for unmanaged VPS. We'll pay whatever is reasonable for each VPS according to what its worth and where its at.

    We need little bandwidth, our service is about performing connectivity and availability checks to and from many points on the Internet, therefore we can't really use a CDN.

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    Please look in VPS offer section and I am sure you will find many VPS providers from the countries you are looking for.

    Good luck.
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    Dattatec fully hosted on Argentina (Telecom DataCenter). Search on google and see their prices for vps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ekin View Post
    What would the purpose be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by UNIXy View Post
    Sorry But I couldn't help it

    LOL I love that show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPlatinum View Post
    Dattatec fully hosted on Argentina (Telecom DataCenter). Search on google and see their prices for vps.
    mm. Their has his own "datacenter" (at least htey afirm that:, in the city of Rosario, Estate of Santa Fe, near in the middle of Argentina.
    But appears that Telecom is his carrier.

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