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    Test my billing system(1 cent)

    I need somebody to test my whmcs. You only have to pay 1 cent. I can refund your 1 cent if you wish. I just want to see if it calls and registers correctly. Please answer the call and put in the 4 digits when you receive the call. Put in your real information too. I think it registers correctly but I am not sure if it does the other things correctly. I have been having major issues with whmcs for the past couple of days. I had to reinstall whmcs and whmcs could not help me. I transferred my clients to client exec and back to whmcs. cPanel helped me with the server issue but whmcs would not reply to my issues.

    Order Link:

    Thank you.

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    You can test this yourself - just put the gateways into Demo mode and it will go through as a test.

    Failing that - put 1c on your credit card - we did it this way to, just like you, test to ensure that everything was working.
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    How do you put the gateway in demo mode? I do not see this on whmcs. Do I do this at paypal?

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    Have you tried contact WHMCS support for this? I looked through their wiki and didn't see a demo mode option for their payment gateways, only for their domain registrar.

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    Your order form does not have the domain set yet.

    I tried placing an order but when I got to the PayPal payment page, my browser does not turn green. So I canceled making the one cent payment.

    I tried ordering from my own site and my browser bar becomes green when landing on PayPal.

    Something is up with that. You need to fix it.
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    I fixed the domain issue. I forgot about that.

    I do not have ssl. Is that the reason it does not turn green? I do not know how to fix the green problem.

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    Your site needs optimization for large screens! The header/logo repeats multiple times when I stretch my window to full screen. Just thought you may be interested in knowing.

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    Our design will change very soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlshosting View Post
    Our design will change very soon.
    Why do they want you to do all the trouble. Im willing to do this. Are you still in need of this? If so just pm with the link and i will happily order.

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    I switched to client exec. I could not stand WHMCS any longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlshosting View Post
    I switched to client exec. I could not stand WHMCS any longer.
    Are you serious? I feel it's the best billing system there is. What did you not like about it if you dont mind me asking.

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    Clients could not be properly billed or invoiced. My phone verification would never go through. My passwords got messed up. Matt(the owner)could not help me with whmcs. Matt said it was a server issue. It was not. I had to reinstall whmcs without help. I lost my data on my whmcs. The support seems to be very rude and Matt only tries to help with major issues.

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