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    Good Multiple Country Provider Hosting


    I have been looking around for a good hosting provider which can work around my needs.

    I would require around 300GB+ of Disk Space and at least close to 1TB of BW. With a WHCMS and cPanel I would like someone where I can get good support as Well have tried a number but then everyone has been putting me down.

    PLEASE Don't recommend
    Heart Internet
    Lunar Pages
    Hostgator(nothing with them but somehow not satisfied with what they have to offer)

    Did forget the main need I should have the option of choosing from multple countries like hostnine have dont trust them after reading their reviews here was planning on going with them. The reason being my customers are based majorly in UK, US and Asia. And since google needs local clients have started asking for it.

    Budget wise I am okay to go upto $75 cannot go for a VPS as I am not sure will be able to handle it.

    Do look forward to your opinions and replies.

    Nelson Dawson
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    You may get hard to find like this order
    this overselling

    good luck
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    I'm not sure how your going to be able to obtain the specifications you desire along with the price. Best of luck!
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    I am ready to go upto $95 for a month which would be a max at my end I think. Any suggestions

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    Your budget is not in line at all with your disk space, and even data transfer requirements.

    As for "multiple country provider", the first thing that came to mind when I read that was Hostnine. Second was Solidinternet. I've never used them myself, so you'll have to do your own diligent research on them to see if they deserve your trust:
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    I was pretty happy with theplanet, but iirc my dedicated box was something like $129 a month. It was unmanaged.

    I see theplanet now have 'bargain bin' boxes for $70 a month, but no mention of bw.

    Whoops, just saw that your requirement is 3000GB of diskspace. I've never seen that much offered :-o

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    it is not 3000 but 300

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    I agre with dan, your budget isn't proportional to your requirements - increase the budget or decrease the requirements.

    and even though you don't think you can handle a VPS, with your budget, you can get a fully managed VPS with ease. Of course you probably won't find a vps provider giving you 300gb of space for $75/month but it would definitely be better than any reseller because of the amount of control you have

    as for multiple country provider...that's another issue which I can't comment on - never looked into it myself.

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    Your budget is a bit low. Would you consider going up at all? I know of a few companies that are a la carte to keep cost down, but it would still be higher than your budget for everything you're looking for. Let me know your thoughts so I can help to point you in the right direction

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    Reading to what everyone has to say here I guess I will budge on my budget but then how much I am going to budge will depend on what is being put on the plate.

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    I think you are definatly outside of Reseller Hosting if you use so much diskspace / data transfer.

    You will need a dedicated server for those requirements or a very good Virtual Dedicated Server.

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    I recommend Hostdime/Surpasshosting. Their support is great and the uptime of the servers are very good(we have a lot of reseller accounts on their different servers for years). And their hosting plans provide a lot of resource and the prices are affordable. They have data centers on different countries. Finding better provider is very hard.
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    A 300 GB disc space is a lot for a VPS and that's why the virtual server you need would be expensive. You'd better think of getting a low end dedicated server with 2 x 300 GB mirrored HDD. OF course the server maintenance would be more expensive for you, so if you can rise your budget to $100 - $130 for a VPS, this probably would work. But I still think that a dedicated hosting is better if you require a large amount of storage space.
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