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    Server Admin/Support Manager

    Looking for a US based Level 3 system admin to help us re-launch our hosting service.
    The lucky candidate will have a chance to prove them self as hard working and reliable.
    This is a long term opportunity for the right person.

    Preferred is someone that is working now in a company that may not fully appreciate their talents enough to give an advancement opportunity. However, I don’t want any weak links either. If you are looking for a new home somewhere that allows you to show your talent and help in a team environment to build a vibrant and successful business, then consider this opportunity.

    If your just looking for another pay check or another job, then this is not the place for you.

    Our company is poised to grow rapidly and one task will be to manage the network and servers during this rapid growth.

    Applicants must have strong familiarity with web hosting, including experience in:

    WHM/cPanel/Fantastico etc. – Manage, configure and modify.
    Linux servers – Setting up and securing
    Support systems – Live Chat, Ticket support
    WHMCS billing system
    MySQL, PHP, BASH, Bind, Apache, CMS.

    Other qualifications are an asset.
    Ability to understand scripts and write code.

    Your job will be to make sure the servers are running efficiently and securely, Answer support related issues when needed oversee and assist other support techs and help with billing issues. And be willing to train others to manage the systems.

    A positive attitude and proactive response is required. Hours are flexible to meet your availability but you must be on call 7 days a week for urgent issues.
    Telecommuting is preferred.

    Pay is to be negotiated. Profit Sharing plans and Bonuses are also offered for a dedicated team member.

    Please send your resume and cover letter to bizmaker2 at
    NDA is required before any company information is shared.

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    I am the supervisor of the ukrainian support team. We worked with big USA and UK hosting companies.
    We provide the next facility:
    -the accompaniment and the support of linux freebsd/(slackware/ubuntu/debian/centos/RH) servers based on cPanel/Plesk
    -the service of the organization Virtual private servers based on OpenVz/virtuozzo/Xen/vmware/hyper-v.
    -the high-quality monitoring of networks, servers. The organization of multilevel backup systems.
    -the automated management of servers
    -the support of windows servers (plesk on windows 2003-2008)
    -the support for clients

    We can provide a higher quality support. Please contact me if you are interest.

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    We are interested and have send you the mail.

    Thank you
    James B
    EzeeloginSetup your Secure Linux SSH Gateway.
    |Manage & Administer Multiple Linux Servers Quickly & Securely.

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    This position is still open and I want to tank everyone who has responded. We are going through the resume's and will be contacting people as we see fit.
    I have seen a number of responses from companies and those will not be considered. We are looking for the right person that is willing to work with us in building our company. This is a ground floor opportunity but it will not pay much in the beginning. This is why I specified that we prefer someone that is already working.
    If you think you have the talents to help us and your willing to work towards building a future with us, then please apply. If it is only a paycheck you are looking for then don't bother.

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