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    Ubuntu's IP address varies... windows does not.

    Dan't ask me why, but i would like to know the reason that my Server's IP address changes most of the times that i log into the ubunt side of it and when im on the windows side it stays the same. I already looked at the mac adresses and their both the same on both sides.

    The server is on an Optimum Boost connection (New York cablevision). Anyone have any ideas?

    If i know why then i may be able to replicate that same phenomena on windows and change my ip haphazardly.

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    Are you talking about a home based server?

    It is likely that you have static ip or a lease reservation setup for the (first)windows OS but in Ubuntu you are asking for a dhcp address.
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    Yes and I'm guessing you're talking about your DHCP address from your internet router? Windows or Ubuntu probably have an active lease. Therefore, it just requests the same IP it had. (Possibly days or weeks ago..Whenever it was last booted). In most cases, if the IP isn't in use, it will likely be allowed the assignment from the router.
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