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    Rebuild VPS thrugh SSh


    wht command you use to rebuild VPS Thrugh SSH , when you dont have Control Panel..

    i used this Command . with no luck

    /script/update --class=vps --name=mystupidvps.vm --subaction=rebuild --v-ostemplate=centos-5-i386-hostinabox571 --v-confirm_rebuild_f=on

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    It completely depends on the Hypervisor used... We're going to need more info.
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    Like serverorigin said what hypervisor are you using?
    Also you are doing this on the main server? and not in the vps...?
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    he is using hypervm i guess Half Dedicated Half Price
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    There are various ways. If you are using openvz, try this article (although there are bits missing) which gives list of commands etc.

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    Yes, it seems that the OP is using Hyper-VM machine. To rebuild the VPS, control panel is required or you should have access to the main node. You cannot rebuild the VPS from the VPS shell. - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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