I started out as technical support Level 1 and have been able to successfully cover L3 queries. I am confident to deliver results to any position am put in and my curriculum vitae will speak for the fact. During my tenure as technical support officer/systems administrator I have been able to successfully complete my projects with the added edge on quality and in due time period. In light to this, I am confident on completing any task provided to me in due time and with the quality as to which the product demands.

To my technical skills, I have been working with almost all flavours of Linux/Unix used in production servers, which include Redhat flavours (RH7, Fedora, CentOS 3-5), Debian and Free BSD. I have been able to work on servers using the IPKVM software and have been able to carry out server installations and kernel upgrades.* I have been working with most of the web softwares including apache both linux and windows version. With regard to databases, I have received the opportunity to work with MySQL and MSSQL servers. I have been working with Exim as mailserver on most of the productions servers, and have also been able work along with qmail serve r. On windows platform, I have worked with MailEnable and have had the opportunity to trouble shoot active errors there. I have worked with web control panels like Cpanel/Directadmin/Plesk/H-Sphere/Webmin. I have also worked with application specific control panels like Virtuozzo, HSPC, MSVS control panel (Microsoft Virtual Server)

I have worked as a team member for a team on same floor as well as contributed to the team while working in remote or geographically separate locations. I have been able to work as a team lead during my previous employment and was able to successfully coordinate the activities of the team and to provide best results to the company. I am equally capable of working on self and without any assistance, my past two employments were remote positions where I was free lancing for a web administration team. I will put myself self motivated technician and am capable of finding solutions to any trouble that were to arise.
I started my career as technical support officer with supportresorts.com / vanilla networks pvt Ltd. I had the opportunity to work on the best team there and was able to manage the technicians on the later stages of my tenure there. I then moved on to Tech Vedha solutions where I worked as system administrator and was able to work with an active team of admins. Here I was able to work on major business tycoons in web industry. I was able to manage the team members and this also gave me light to various billing software's like modern bill, client exec and the like. My latest employment was with Mind Lab Systems Pvt Ltd, which helped me evolve and to utilize the knowledge. I had the opportunity to work on windows servers and to work on various windows/Plesk server components and to successfully have the troubles fixed.

Along with system administration career, I was able to work on programming on PHP as well as perl to the basic level. This added along with the shell scripting or bash scripting provided me with ease to work out programming issues or to create shorter version of scripts which should help resolve common problems for clients. The useful version included creating a php script for the host which was used to monitor the server status which included the load average and to send out messages to the ticketing system when the load average was found high. On another instance I was able to create a temporary signup script for a host which should help the administrator to get the details of the potential customer as they provided the same via Live Chat.
I have worked on virtualization software's provided by Swsoft/parallels and was able to carry on my administration tasks with the virtuozzo and HSPC panels. I am well versed with the configuration changes and template maintenance and transfers which are involved. With my proven skills in both management and system administration, whilst maintaining the quest for knowledge, I feel that I will be able to make a significant contribution to your team. And, I will be able to provide you with long term services.

My Email addresses are :

[email protected]

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