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    Aged Domain Benefits

    Hi all,

    I read about the benefits of aged domains regarding SEO...many people may believe otherwise. If there are benefits to an aged domain, does it matter if it was dropped? If an old domain was dropped and re-registered, does google see it as a brand new domain or would it know that it was active from say 2002 and give you the same benefits of a non dropped domain from 02?


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    Pagerank is reset on dropped/re-registered domains.

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    Hmm, I think even if the domain is old but the keywords aren't good, it won't be good for SEO as well.

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    Pagerank is reset on dropped/re-registered domains.
    Reset it may be, but what about the (potentially many) links already pointing at the domain, wouldn't they still count once PageRank is recalculated?

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    I heard google actually knows WHEN the domain was registered...say in 1999 and will give the domain a little boost...even if it has no PR and no Backlinks...true? If I did the same SEO on a 99 domain compared to a new domain registered this year, would I rank higher with the 99 domain just bc of the year it was registered?


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    It's not true that pagerank is automatically reset on drop..
    If you buy a dropped domain and put up quality content then the PR will remain the same.
    The problem is you don't want the Google spam team to check your website and find it's junk.
    Googles ranking system is complex and varies with many different algorithms and variables, PR is also useless for search engine ranking many times.

    In fact as Google has many times said, stop focusing on the back end of webmastering, just make your site, get your site going and the search engine results will reflect this over time.
    A webmaster doesn't have to think about any of this stuff to make a successful website.

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    I'm a little sceptical on domains getting any value from age. I have domains that when first registered got great seo results but these days hardly scrape through a few visitors a day and yet they have better websites.
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    I think it might dropped sometimes atleast temporary.
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    I've one 12 years domain name never dropped but passed over through many hands but still no taker.

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    I picked up a domain that was dropped a long time ago, I did get all the traffic and still benefit from that purchase.

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    I don't really believe aged domains are more valuable. It depends on the content and the keywords.

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    I think aged domains are valuable. I personally would pay more for an aged domain. It feels like a blast into the past.

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    Aged domains are precious, no matter what.

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