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Thread: Gallery 2

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    Gallery 2

    My host is dreamhost.. and I had them move me to ps which is supposed to have dedicated processor and ram (right now it's supposed to be 2 Gb or so)

    But my old Gallery2 script is crashing when adding tons of photo's.. and for some weird reason I can't even get through a install of gallery2.3 without it crashing on loading the main module.. the only warning I get when installing is a "Output buffering disabled"

    I've found I can add simple or single photo's and likely multiples with my currently gallery2 install (I think it's gallery 2.1 something)

    But when I tell it to take a look at a 10 or 20 Gb directory and go the script times out within 20 seconds..

    I think it is dreamhost fault.. but I'm wondering if anyone has some ideas on how to make sure my software is correct cause I am assuming that "output buffering" setting for php isn't that big a deal...

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    I am unaware of what Dreamhost or other providers have to offer but have you tried shooting your problems past them first?

    If your problems didn't start until you moved the gallery perhaps the correct steps were not taken to move it. If the problems existed prior to that 9/10 it's your php settings. If this is the case, does Dreamhost permit you to override their php settings for gallery related php options?
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    Perhaps the php.ini needs tweaking? Sounds like you're hitting the max execution time. Dreamhost PS is more or less a VPS with their panel access. Fully managed. Have you spoken to DH and provided them the error?

    This is not a real issue with the provider. Sounds like you have an extremely large amount of files and trying to browse them with a script. Normal users won't need extended execution times, it sounds like you do. Ask them about it directly. That'd be your best on getting it resolved.
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    A 20GB directory of pictures is rather large... and may require some editing on the server configs, tweaking, optimizing, or upgrades to be able to import/read correctly :-/. Have you thought about fewer images per directory? If it's a PHP script you may need to allow the script additional time to run outside of 20 seconds, because importing 20GB's of pictures within 20 seconds seems rather tough. Probably just need some php.ini/httpd.conf tweaking to be honest.

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    I think you have to enable output buffering in your php.ini file. You can google it or contact dreamhost.

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