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    * Here we go again, on the search for a reliable host.

    I run a gaming site, not game servers. Need support for the following

    IRC, TeamSpeak, Shoutcast, and my Website (just basic IP.Board)

    The ShoutCast streaming we hit about 100 listeners while on air, and we stream using a 7kb/s 64 kbps encoder so we do use a good bit of bandwidth while on air, we tend to broadcast 2-3 times a week. Our IRC runs around 100 users while we are on air and 30 while not on air, TeamSpeak around a dozen people tops.

    What we are looking for is a plan that can handle this, already tried EarthVPS even after the new owners promised better support my server has crashed 4 times in the last 24 hours. PhotonVPS couldn't get TeamSpeak to work and there was some other issues with the initial setup.

    We just need something that can handle this. I don't plan on reselling the space. We REQUIRE cPanel because we use WHMSonic to power our radio.

    Our budget is roughly $30 a month however we could pay around 5-6 months up front for a discount below that price.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Providers feel free to contact me via my contact info in my profile, or PM me for a phone number to discuss possible solutions.

    My OS preference is using Linux CentOS 5
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    TeamSpeak issue has to do with ACLs applied on our Cisco enterprise switches that our network engineers were going to look into. We set up a new cabinet of servers where this may have been over looked by our network engineer. We have multiple server racks and none of them have issues with TeamSpeak. In fact we sponsor high bandwidth Shoutcast just fine as well as multiple TeamSpeak providers.

    Your initial setup was due to a migration issue that just went bad. That was our fault where we took responsibility where we were willing to get you 30 days free + a discount on our BEAM3 of at least $10.00 USD OFF + $4.00 USD off on our cPanel. We met you in the middle with things that went bad and we took responsibility for.

    Please note the migration issue occurred on DA where usernames were mismatched. There were issues where your backups on the old providers were not backing up the data correctly. When we migrated the DA files it will not work appropriately since you created the files. There were basically two out of sync directories that caused problems. This problem was uncalled for if we coordinated better with you. Although we are semi-managed we still value how our support team is perceived which is why we worked extra hard to ensure you were satisfied. Regardless we have issued you a full refund good luck finding a budget enterprise provider that's willing to meet you half way. ( You should see a refund in your account within 3-5 business days while billing process it )
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    I dont see where you shouldnt be able to easily find the perfect provider for you, the packages you want most providers offer, and the budget is decent, check out the offers section and or as well chat to some potential providers get custom quote if needed etc, Best of luck - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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