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    * [UK] xenSmart - Rock Solid XEN VPS - MASSIVE 20% OFF - 3+ Years Trading

    We have approximatley 80 spaces to fill, and in order to fill them fast we are offering once again, our most popular promotion: "FILLEM".

    Use coupon code FILLEM and get 20% reccuring discount for LIFE

    Why Us?

    - We are stable, trading 3+ years with multiple UK staff
    - We OWN our hardware, we are not resellers
    - All hardware nodes are Quadcore 2.4Ghz or better with 8GB RAM + Hotswap RAID-10 Arrays.
    - We offer a 99.9% Network Uptime SLA & a 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

    VPS Plans

    All VPS come with 1 Fixed IP - Plus 1 free subject to justification.
    Extra IPs are just 0.50/Month. Max 16 IP's per VPS

    Setup / Reboots / Reloads are all being done manually. We will be implementing a new control panel (HyperVM replacement) in the upcoming months.

    ++ XS-128 ++
    CPU: Approx 180MHz Guaranteed / 10.6GHz Burst
    RAM: 128MB PC6400 DDR2
    SWAP: 128MB
    Disk Space: 10GB RAID-10
    Bandwidth: 150GB
    Price: 4.00/Month with coupon code FILLEM | [Order Now via SSL]

    ++ XS-256 ++
    CPU: Approx 360MHz Guaranteed / 10.6GHz Burst
    RAM: 256MB PC6400 DDR2
    SWAP: 256MB
    Disk Space: 15GB RAID-10
    Bandwidth: 250GB
    Price: 7.20/Month with coupon code FILLEM | [Order Now via SSL]

    ++ XS-384 ++
    CPU: Approx 540MHz Guaranteed / 10.6GHz Burst
    RAM: 384MB PC6400 DDR2
    SWAP: 384MB
    Disk Space: 20GB RAID-10
    Bandwidth: 350GB
    Price: 10.40/Month with coupon code FILLEM | [Order Now via SSL]

    ++ XS-512 ++
    CPU: Approx 720MHz Guaranteed / 10.6GHz Burst
    RAM: 512MB PC6400 DDR2
    SWAP: 512MB
    Disk Space: 30GB RAID-10
    Bandwidth: 450GB
    Price: 12.00/Month with coupon code FILLEM | [Order Now via SSL]

    ++ XS-768 ++
    CPU: Approx 900MHz Guaranteed / 10.6GHz Burst
    RAM: 768MB PC6400 DDR2
    SWAP: 768MB
    Disk Space: 40GB RAID-10
    Bandwidth: 550GB
    Price: 19.20/Month with coupon code FILLEM | [Order Now via SSL]

    ++ XS-1024 ++
    CPU: Approx 1.26GHz Guaranteed / 10.6GHz Burst
    RAM: 1024MB PC6400 DDR2
    SWAP: 1024MB
    Disk Space: 50GB RAID-10
    Bandwidth: 650GB
    Price: 24.00/Month with coupon code FILLEM | [Order Now via SSL]

    ++ XS-1536 ++
    CPU: Approx 1.98GHz Guaranteed / 10.6GHz Burst
    RAM: 1536MB PC6400 DDR2
    SWAP: 1536MB
    Disk Space: 80GB RAID-10
    Bandwidth: 1000GB
    Price: 36.00/Month with coupon code FILLEM | [Order Now via SSL]

    ++ XS-2048 ++
    CPU: Approx 2.70GHz Guaranteed / 10.6GHz Burst
    RAM: 2048MB PC6400 DDR2
    SWAP: 2048MB
    Disk Space: 100GB RAID-10
    Bandwidth: 1500GB
    Price : 48.00/Month with coupon code FILLEM | [Order Now via SSL]


    We have hardware in two locations, BlueSquare III and Spectrum House. Orders will be setup wherever the next available slot is.

    BlueSquare 3 (UKServers Network) Test IP:
    Spectrum House (RapidSwitch Network) Test IP:


    See what other people have to say about our service!

    Operating Systems

    - CentOS 5.3
    - Fedora 7/8/9/10
    - Debian 4/5
    - Ubuntu 7/8/9
    - Slackware 12
    - Gentoo 2008

    Control Panels

    - cPanel/WHM = 12/Month
    - cPanel/WHM/Fantastico = 15/Month
    - DirectAdmin = 5/Month

    Any Questions?


    For pre-sales enquiries please email [email protected]

    Want something managed, or something custom? Please email [email protected]

    Thanks for looking.

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    Can existing users use the coupon?

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    is it possible to have centos 32b

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekSRV View Post
    Can existing users use the coupon?
    Yes you can, as long as it's for new orders and not to replace an existing VPS.

    is it possible to have centos 32b
    You can, however you might run into some issues based on the fact the kernel will still be 64bit.


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    Has this expired now?

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