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    Nameservers Setup

    I want to make sure I got this right because my server is down and I'm not able to ping anything. Maybe I have have the settings entered wrong?

    So under cPanel/WHM Basic Setup, I have my Main Shared Virtual IP address (xxx.51.234.156) this is the primary shared IP address.

    I go down a little ways and under the nameservers, I have and and then I got an IP assigned to each one(xxx.51.234.157 and xxx.51.234.158)

    I've gone to my registrar and updated the settings to says NS1 belongs to the IP ending in 157 and NS2 belong to the IP ending in 158.

    Is this all I have to do? I feel that the sites should be up or I should at least be able to ping the site which I am not able to do. Not even the old IP address is coming up when I try pinging it.

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    You can access your server through cPanel/WHM correct? So this eliminates the possibility that your own personal IP has been blocked by the server? Have you asked a friend or co-worker if they can ping the address to see if it's just your end? Was the server working before and this issue just occurred? Any more information can help with getting the best answer on this issue
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    Thats correct - all you have to do is wait for the propogation to complete.

    Some registrars also require you to inform them if you are using child-nameservers (as in your case), however, very few do - this is just so that they can include them in their DNS records for propagation.

    Pinging the site would mean you would be pinging your primary shared (new) IP address - NOT the domain name (which will have not fully propagated). You can also check DNS propagation of your domain name by using any of the tools available online (just google "dns propagation checker")

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    Yeah, I can still access the WHM by going to the main IP/WHM. I just got this server setup today so it's fresh.

    I've tried having it pinged from 3 different locations, everywhere it appears it is down.

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    I presume you mean your primary shared IP is down?
    Have to tried rebooting your server after you completed the setup in WHM? Are you getting any "failed services" messages?
    Your nameservers are coming up, but seems your IPs are not responding, which most likely means a server-side issue either with the "named" service or similar - a simple reboot might solve the problem.

    Well, the DNS seems to have propagated fine - however your nameserver IPs are failing - so, definitely is an issue with the "named" service on your server.
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    For instance by using the primary IP at xxx.51.234.156/~userID/ will bring up the site that is being hosted on the server, but typing in the web address won't do anything.

    And I know IPs have to propogate but wouldn't the old site still show up on the old server? The old server hasn't been taken down yet.

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    Well, the site would show up from the "old" server IF the dns was resolving (pointing) to it ... in your case, it is now pointing to your "new" server ...

    And as you said, if the site is loading up via IP/~userID - then it's definitely your DNS on the server which is failing ... have to rebooted the server / or at least restarted Apache & named services?

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    I just tired Gracefull reboot and apache, and named services I did earlier. Still nothing.

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    Should the nameservers for sure be setup as the next 2 IPs after the main IP address? For instance main IP is xxx.51.234.156. So should the nameservers be setup under xxx.234.51.157 & xxx.234.51.158, or doesn't it matter?

    Weird thing now, is when I visit just the primary shared IP address WITHOUT the IP/~userID/ it pulls up 1 of the sites I'm hosting. I thought if you typed in a primary IP without the /~userID/ nothing should show up?

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    Are you comfortable with SSH access on your server? Check your and files to ensure the IP binding it there against the nameserver records location
    Also, is your resolver.cnf setup to your DC's resolver IP?

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    Typing in the primary IP address without the ~userID would show you a standard cPanel / WHM page saying it's installed .. etc.

    You can use ANY of your available IP addresses as nameserver IP's they can be sequential or not - doesn't matter much.

    1) Open WHM and then go to "Networking Setup" > " Nameserver IPs " You will see your ip choices for your hostnames.

    2 ) Verify your free IPs. Firstly go "Add IP ADDRESS" section, and check your IPs.

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    What about under Networking Setup >> Resolver Configuration. Do you know what should be under here? Should my 2 IPs also be setup as Primary Resolver and Secondary Resolver?
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    I went to ADD IP ADDRESS and all 6 of my IPs are there and available with green checkmarks.

    I went to Network Setup >> Nameserver IPs and it showed me my ns1 and ns2 nameservers and which IP address each were addressed to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eve1Servers View Post
    What about under Networking Setup >> Resolver Configuration. Do you know what should be under here? Should be 2 IPs also be setup as Primary Resolver and Secondary Resolver?
    Well, you would need to check these with your DC normally - however, if they haven't provided you with any, then you can use the openDNS ones -


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    If your nameservers aren't responding, remember to forward port 53, or 42, I can't remember. Your firewall is probably blocking these ports from listening.

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