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    affiliate banner graphics: standard sizes?

    I was wondering if there were some set pixel sizes for affiliate banner graphics? Something like 168x60 or something. Just looking for the sizes needed in various scenarios (WHT advert up top would be one, top host sites would be another, forum signatures would be yet another) from those who have more experience with this. Thanks!

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    The most common banner sizes are 728x90, 120x600, 125x125 but you may want to check with the appropriate websites you will be marketing to see what their requirements are as they would vary.

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    I've seen and worked personally with affiliation banners. I see people requesting many different sizes the most common I work with are: 160x160, 120x600, 300x125, 240x240, 125x125, 120x240, 240x400, 120x90

    I hope I've been helpful. Best of luck!
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