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    Protecting Video Content

    I am building a flash site (&/0r html) for my animation reel/portfolio.
    I want to protect my content- keep it from being downloaded and repurposed.
    At the same time I want to insure it (the movies) play instantly with out allot of buffering and waiting time

    I would like to know what I need from my web host.
    &/or if just making a flash site is the answer- whats all the hullabaloo about Flash media streaming servers- they are somewhat pricey.

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    nothing you need to from webhost to play flash (.swf) files and about protect flash files to recompile there are few tricks... like use objects etc.
    for less load of flash file you need to loadmovie on demand it less flash file size and only load what visitor want to see.

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    thank you

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