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    What would I need in a VPS if...

    I were to specialize in hosting BLOGS? Specifically WordPress BLOGS. Would I need more RAM? SSD hard drive? I would not be cramming in as many as I could, just a reasonable amount and then on to the next VPS. So, no overselling Thanks, Dave

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    Solid State Drives are really not necessary to host regular wordpress blog sites.

    For Ram, it all depends on how much visitors you normally get. More visitors means high usage therefore requiring more ram.

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    You could easily run multiple sites on a VPS with modest specification requirements. It all depends how many visitors the sites will have.

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    Most VPS's will easily run a blog you defiantly don't need to look for SSD's.
    When your getting big enough for SSD's your not going to be using a VPS any more it is going to be dedicated server kind of requirements.
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    A VPS with a minimum of 256MB RAM running should enough to start off with, would suggest DirectAdmin as a control panel as its lightweight.
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    VPS is the solution for your multiple blog scenario. A good VPS company will provide you with some server monitoring, as well as some control and flexibility, for managing space, resources etc. You may not need a flash SSD drive in a VPS right now. There are currently more VPS offerings without SSD. Try a 256 MB package, and if you get the a Direct Admin package, you can see statistics to monitor system usage. I also know Wordpress has some caching systems for reducing page load processing, which could help with high demand pages.
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    Thanks all. I get the picture. I have a nice VPS with Aquarius Storage, Virtuozzo, 384 RAM, CPanel. Just wanted to know what stuff I needed. Right now I only have one Blog with almost no traffic. i hope to have 5 BLOGS soon and see if I can generate some traffic. RAM upgrade is no problem if I can get the traffic Thanks.

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    If you use wp-cache and you have some popular blogs, IO becomes a concern because PHP pages are converted to HTML and each subsequent request is being pulled off the disk. You could use Apache memory caching, which will help with the IO problem.

    So to recap, a) install wp-cache, b) enable Apache mod_mem_cache (not memcached) and you should be golden.

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    Got it. thanks. By the time I get then all up and get some traffic, SSD's will probably be cheap... and on their way out

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    I wouldn't recommend below 256MB of RAM. If you're installing cPanel then you need at least 512MB. You can run it on 256MB but you'd be faster on most shared hosting providers with that little amount of memory.

    As other have stated, you wouldn't need very high specs.
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