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    * Angled Div Postioning?

    hello all @ CF

    i want to embed a video into my layout but i want to embed it at an angle?
    you can see an example of what i mean here > www(dot)img188(dot)imageshack(dot)us/img188/7179/exmaplediv(dot)jpg

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    you can't. Sorry HTML and CSS won't allow diagonal positioning.
    hi there!

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    CSS 3 has something about angles? I cant remember the exact details but will check when I get home.


    I have found the link and information
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay August View Post
    you can't. Sorry HTML and CSS won't allow diagonal positioning.
    Not correct.

    You can style it with CSS as above but this wont work for an embedded flash video due to it being an OBJECT not a DIV (even though it's contained within the DIV tag.

    Your best bet is to switch the video sidewards in Sony Vegas or such before you export as a FLV. Your controls will however be straight on. That's my understanding of it.
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    thanks for your help guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by mediawerkz View Post
    hello all @ CF
    Who's that then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bear View Post
    Who's that then?

    i posted the same question on the coding forums
    but forget to remove that when i posted here

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    well someone has just shown me this www(dot)double(dot)co(dot)nz/video_test/video(dot)svg

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