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    Looking for dedicated hosting or proxy server


    We have a client in China and they connect to our server for data transfer during the day time in North American. We are looking for a proxy server located in HongKong or South Korean to boost the speed, especially after under sea FNAL/RNAL cable breakdown few days ago. We will use the server for proxy server for data transfer, therefore the spec of the server is not that important. The most important factor is the connection speed to North American. Please let me know if you have any information or a plan to offer.



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    This may be a difficult request to fulfill, anyhow good luck on your quest
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    If you want a good connection speed to North America, try finding a host which has NTT. They have the largest bandwidth pipe to North America.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    You need a server with good connection to China and North America. The China part will be the more expensive and harder part.

    NTT we use in Hong Kong and they are decent.

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    There are many of them use singapore server as proxy server too

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