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    ServerLoft Alternative / Unmanaged Dedicated

    Hi guys, I've run into a problem with serverloft, that's the lack of any possible customization of their servers.

    Do you know any other hosting company that offers something similar ?

    I was planning to buy 10 servers but I need one with 5TB of storage in RAID 1, and the servers combined bandwidth monthly needs to be over 50TB.
    Something like 1x Xeon E5405 with 8Gigs of ram + 2x250 GB RAID 1 (excepting that 5TB one).

    Any tips ? Thanks.

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    So you are looking for roughly more than 5TB of transfer per server correct?

    What kind of budget do you have for these servers?

  3. Where are you located? and what is your budget?

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    Hi all. The servers need to be situated somewhere in the US (it doesn't really matter as long they are in the us)

    The budget is around 2500-3000$ (basically it's based on those servers from serverloft).

    So yes, 5TB / server, 1x quad core (preferablyNehalem) with at least 8GB of ram and 250GB raid 1 per server, excepting one of them that should have 5TB Raid 1.

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    That is a pretty good budget, may I ask was there something specific about serverloft that you found attractive? Like a certain feature / guarantee or just because they have the processors you were interested in?

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    A lot cheaper than the competition for the features offered. And I already have one server at them, and it works without problems so far.
    I don't want to make comparisons because well, some other companies may offer some extra features, but their top level server seems dirt cheap for what it offers.

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    It should be possible with your budget. Many providers can match this and you may request them for bandwidth pooling between the servers. In addition to that use private network between the servers to save bandwidth for any internal transfer.
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    That is a good point with the private network. I am assuming the 5TB is a backup server of sorts? Would that be correct?

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    Not quite, can't tell you more though, NDA.

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    Fair enough, but would you be able to give a yay or nay on weather a private network for your servers to transfer data is a feature that would be beneficial?

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    Yes a private network would be extremely useful. I've checked with a co-worker and it is in fact necessary.

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    I think you have enough room to negotiate with companies, if you need a solid infrastructure i would suggest you contact softlayers sales department; and their infrastructure and automation is just fabulous.

  13. CoolGoose,

    Still looking for a company?

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    yes i used webnx they good
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