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    What do I really need?!

    I have 2 small sites I would like to host with 1 account. One site is for my animation portfolio/reel the other is a small commerce (& I mean small!) site selling cross-stitch charts, averaging $7- $10 each and delivered through payloadz. I use paypal for my shopping cart.

    My questions are-

    1. do I really need a SSL certificate? Are shared certs ok for my level of business(processing under$ 1,000 a year in sales).

    2. Do I need a dedicated IP?

    I don't have either of these features now and am trying to change host today.

    I am already overwhelmed with trying to find a host and need some source of info I can rely on. or at least some feedback

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    Hey there,

    To answer your questions, an SSL certificate is only required if you plan to take credit card transactions over your website. A shared certificate would be fine for you in this case.

    A dedicated IP is not required unless you require an individual SSL certificate. In which case, it is one SSL certificate per IP.

    I would recommend looking at some offers and getting some knowledge on the hosts you like, and then searching (using the Search Tool) for some reviews on this forum.

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    1.) for security is good, that all personell data's secured via SSL but not essential
    2.) no

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    Do you have any idea of how much disk space and bandwidth your sites are using? Do you have a budget? It looks like a basic shared plan will work for you, and you will not need a dedicated IP or SSL, though many hosting companies do sell dedicated IPs as an addon to their hosting packages, so you can always buy one for SSL should the need arise in the future.

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    at this point I use under 1gig for each transfer & storage. I just remember once getting a warning about someones certificate and it was offputting- I didnt know if I should trust the site- so I didnt. Are you saying that paypal provides this for me and I would only need the certificate if I had my own merchant account with a credit card co?

    ps thanks for the helpful replies

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    You're correct in the later. If you want credit card transactions to be done over your site, then you do require an SSL certificate. However, PayPal takes care of such a process so no SSL certificate is required for PayPal.

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    If you use a payment gateway like paypal you do not need a SSL certificate (and the needed IP address for this); although customers often see it as a more trustworthy if you do have it, it does not mean it is not without it, but consumers are often pointed out that if they have the little yellow lock the site is 'secure'. (we all know this is not the case; but the general public does, and that is what counts for your site).

    If you have an SSL you also need a Dedicated IP; if it comes to a shared or own SSL; i would not go this way; it looks even less professional as not doing it; and this while an SSL certificate does not need to cost to much.
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    Thank you all I think I understand better.
    Now if I could just find a host that doesn't make me feel iky after researching them!

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    I understand. Some hosts, and we do it too, will offer you the chance to try their services. So it's worth having a look about for that sort of offer. Then you don't commit before it's too late!

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    depends on what type bueinsses, shared ssl should be okay for small company. dedicated ssl if you hav good company

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    "Good company" - Just because he/she doesn't require a private SSL certificate; doesn't mean they don't own a good company!

    I know what you meant.

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    sorry my english not that good express myself

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    I think you should just get a small Shared Hosting plan with a dedi ip. Youll be set from there on.

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    Shared Hosting in this instance would be your best and most optioned option here. For under 1GB Space and 1GB Bandwidth you would not need anything higer than a Shared Account with a valuable shared hosting provider.

    Your budget seems a bit higher than a normal 1GB - 1GB account, I would say you could safely lower this for the meantime until your service expands and increase your budget along with your account upgrades for the future

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