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    FTP client for linux console

    Hi there ,

    Is there any ftp client for linux ?( Like MC for file manager )
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    MC can do FTP as well, so i am not sure what you mean; but you could try i.e.

    Besides a good windows client, they also have a Linux and Mac version.
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    on the linux command line, try typing ftp

    if you use gui, try the fireftp addon from mozilla

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    I don't use gui .
    Working with ftp commands for transfering multiple files is difficult .

    I'm looking a FTP interface in linux shell .
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    ftp command ha sa limitation over transferring directories.

    That should do the trick
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    ncftpput and ncftpget

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    Have a look on lftp its open source command-line file transfer program (FTP client) for UNIX system.
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