As an ex webhost owner I know how important it is to have 3rd party monitoring and I alro remember how I never could understand "god why does this cost so much? Just monitor this list of urls and tell me if it is unreachable or the keywords aren't found!"

So... I'm trying to build up the useful (and cheap) no frills uptime monitoring service I wish I could have had when I owned! I've got the basic code down and now I need people to load up my database with urls to test and emails to contact so I can get some real world load testing done to see if my code is bloated and a rough idea how much hardware I need and a direct correlation to that, how much I'd have to charge to make a profit (I have a # in mind that I hope isn't horribly optimistic).

So anyway if you want to test out the system for free and help me squash bugs and load test the software just hit and signup for the beta.

Keep in mind this is a beta test so don't rely on it to tell you if your servers or sites really are down

Right now there's only one monitoring location but I will probably start on the multi location code tonight.

Also check out the neat "quick test" that actually shows you what your site looks like in a barebones Firefox browser running on Centos (just type in a domain or subdomain and click Check I'll add full url testing to it later but for now I've got it only accepting domains/subdomains.

For example: