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    Support Ticket Near You!

    Spanish per ticket support.


    I am offering $1.50 per ticket response in Spanish.

    Just to give you an idea of the situation:
    A friend recently sold his business and not the clients - thus needed somewhere to put them within 30 hours of the server shutting down. It was sold due to personal reasons - he may or may not be able to assist which is why I need to outsource support.

    He contacted me and even though we have fluent Spanish admins, we are overwhelmed at this stage and need the assistance of any body or team willing to take on this great challenge. (I see it as an opportunity for someone to step up, gain experience etc).

    Basically, there are 700 accounts that were transferred - we estimate ~100 of these to be active. All clients that wish to stay with the new service must put in a ticket since the billing system is effectively down and we will need to manually add each client.

    Associated with these accounts are around ~200 domains.

    What you will do: Since these clients speak Spanish only, verify them and setup their account in WHMCS with the appropriate plan and respond via Kayko live support.

    CPanel, WHMCS knowledge is a must.

    Since the server migration, we have had to change settings for various scripts which these clients are running - thus you will have to have Linux experience as well, we are very capable admins so you will simply need to tell us what needs doing in English. For security reasons, we have locked down the server and open up features only by request. For us to cater these clients, we must activate these services accordingly as well and get them running.

    This is quite urgent. All websites have already been transferred and are all online - but we need to tie up the loose ends.

    We will need you or your team active 18 hours a day to insure we can successfully keep these clients happy.

    I look forward to working on a long time basis after we get this initial phase.

    Please reply to this thread in case my PM box becomes too full.

    Leave your:
    Name, experience, contact email and I will get back to you. - VPS Control Panel
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    We've sent you a PM.

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    PM Sent, native speaker over here.

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    Let me know how many servers do you manage and the average flow of tickets.
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