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    Mirror Files between servers


    I Wanna ask something.

    Let's say I have a server 1 that has some files - I don't want to download them then upload them on the server 2 .

    is there a way to mirror the files? so I can automatically mirror the files between the 2 servers ? without downloading/uploading to the new server ?

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    You can use tools like scp to move files between the servers or rsync which will also keep them synced.
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    Rsync would be your best bet. The clue is in the name, you can sync between multiple servers. Thus the files are mirrored on all servers. I assume you're trying to achieve some fail-over (or resilience) effect. Click the web link below for more information on Rsync.

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    another vote for rsync works perfect for copying files automatically.
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    I believe that rsync would work better and can handle this well.
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    Definatley rsync over scp

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    Rsync is best solution for this.

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    well I mirrored some Files using the "wget" function in the shell.

    Thank you for the help
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