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    kloxo might have crashed now what ???

    my friend is using kloxo, I think kloxo has crashed in his site

    after entering login details it goes to this page :


    in hypervm it has kloxo template but it says the system will b started as fresh when re-installed kloxo, there are over 32gb files on the server and don't want to lose the files

    need kloxo as few settings have to be modified, how can I proceed so it is safe for him

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    You can backup your files through SSH. Or if you want something a bit more user friendly then use FTP or SFTP (Google a tool called WinSCP).

    Try running:


    Although I strongly reccomend you look for a Kloxo alternative as that software is full of security holes.

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    what will the above commands do ??
    I don't want to backup, as backing up would exceed the space allotmenent on the server and I can't download them to my desktop, it will take days to complete for my speed.

    ya, I know need to find alternative for kloxo, but there are few settings set in kloxo, just to turn them off I need to get into kloxo

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