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    Need something programmed? We can do ANYTHING - great price & fast turnaround!

    We are currently open for programming jobs, projects, and anything else that is required by you or your company. We can create anything from basic PHP applications to complex automation and creation suites for your business. We have experience in almost every coding language and application manager (such as Adobe AIR) - we offer very competitive price ranges and great turnaround times. All our coders are US freelancers who come with a great range of expertise in the coding industry, with over 50 years combined experience.

    Some projects that we've done and are working on:

    • VPS Control Panel [Xen & OpenVZ architectures] w/ licensing systems
    • VPS Automation Suite [Virtuozzo, OpenVZ, HyperVM] w/ Bandwidth Module
    • Integration of Bandwidth graphs, remote reboot, and rDNS for various providers: Limestone Networks (Dallas, TX), Softlayer, Inc. (Dallas, TX/Seattle, WA/Washington DC)
    • WHMCS type control panel - automation integration, control panel built in, with amazing features and secured code
    • Shopping cart softwares - eCommerce integrated with PayPal API
    • cPanel 'type' basic shared hosting management program

    As said above, those are just some of the examples. The possibilities are endless and we are open to just about anything you want coded. We can work around your schedule and provide excellent 24/7 assistance and updates for your project.

    Again, we've had loads of experience in all different projects throughout the years and have been designing successful software and projects of all types and sizes.

    Interested? Just contact me at [email protected] (temporary) for a quick quote. We'd love to hear about your project/projects and your budget, timeframe, and other factors. You'll get a reply within 3-5 hours (on average) - but usually a lot quicker.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Can you create Ubersmith modules?
    Jacob Wall -

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