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    Servers here, website there. Hosting business challenges.

    So here is my small story and your thoughts are welcome on the topic.
    Im running a hosting company for about one and a half years now and its doing outstanding. Im selling to eastern europe (Russia) customers ONLY.
    I had no issue with payments... no frauds, no ddos attacks, only 2 abuse emails in 36 months.
    A while ago i attampted to start English side of hosting but was flooded/ddosed the second day i started. I did not even place any add anywere. Flood came out of nothere. The same day i stopped English website and decided to move its opening date some day in the future not to disturb my present customers with packets loss and connection problems.
    And the time to open up again is now.

    So my questions.
    Im planning to move my websites/billing aither to staminus or to gigenet, or there i would have some protection from the same scenariou to happen again.
    How do international/american customers look at companies who have their websites hosted some place else while server are some place else. Are there any problems, misunderstanding, blame, questions why are you hosting some place else other than the same spot as hosting servers.
    I would definetly buy some firewalls/ddos protection if my colo provider would supply Gbit/Multi-gbit ports to its customers but they basically do not.

    What do you think about all of this.

    Beforehand sorry for my typos if any as english is my second language.

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    I personally don't see a problem with website and especially help desk being hosted off network. Anybody who really takes the time to look into such things would spend time considering the network you would place them on rather then where your site is - I would think so, at least.
    Justin Yancey | Northern Virginia & District of Columbia |

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    Your basically opening yourself to a lot more fraud, spam, abuse and loads of BS.

    All the best in your expansion

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    I would have a problem going with a provider who has all their support infrastructure on their own network. Even the best providers have problems, and if their helpdesk and/or website go down as soon as the network has a problem I would be really pissed.

    Be careful with putting billing on another provider though, just make sure the data is secure.

    Additionally you can have a second copy of your account set up on one of your local servers so you can easily switch DNS over to your network if there's some kind of extended problem with the other provider.
    Larry Bly
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    Running your site on another network is a good idea normally, it means customers can still get on your site for support tickets if there is any networking problems.

    Just make sure you pick a provider that has very good uptime and not in the same dc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ganesh-rao View Post
    Your basically opening yourself to a lot more fraud, spam, abuse and loads of BS.
    Please explain what you mean in greater detail.

    I was going to mention that it's an advantage to have website/helpdesk separate from hosting so outage notices can be posted, etc., but I see a couple others have already mentioned this..

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    It may just be a coincidence that you were attacked following your expansion into English-speaking hosting. Nevertheless, trying to determine the 'root cause' of DDoS is a bit challenging. The psychology of people that launch malicious attacks is very unique and often misunderstood. The basic idea at the end of the day though is that once you've been attacked, the chance for successive attacks is significantly higher. 'Changing content' is often not a viable solution as attacks may continue irrespective of these changes.

    That said, you'll want to be very careful how you approach this problem. You may protect one IP on your server (the English-speaking site), but what if an attack comes in on another IP? It may be fruitful to look at the size of the attack and see how big it is, and how much of it you can handle at your machine, letting the provider handle the rest at a potential discount.

    Good luck with the hunt
    Matt Mahvi
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    Are there any problems, misunderstanding, blame, questions why are you hosting some place else other than the same spot as hosting servers.
    I think it is wise to keep them separate, and give customers a chance to contact you even when the network is down. The reasoning behind it can be explained quite easily. I don't see a downside to it all.

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    Thank you very much everybody for your comments.
    I decided to go with toro`s business - staminus.

    Thanks again.

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