First I'd like to get the main message out of the way - I'm looking for part-time (~20 hr/week) employment as a system administrator for an established hosting company. The position has to allow me to telecommute, and I am looking for at least $15/hr USD, paid on a contract (1099) basis.

Some of the veterans may recognize my screen name. If not, just check the join date and that should be a little evidence of how long I've been around the hosting industry. I started BlastHosting about 8 years ago, and have continued running it since it started, but I made a decision several years ago not to seek new customers for lifestyle reasons. I have been the sole owner and operator, handling billing, system administration, and support, the entire time.

I have extensive system administration experience in both FreeBSD and Linux. From level 1 issues like permissions, restarting services, installing packages, and configuring mail, DNS, http, ftp, etc services to advanced level 3 issues like firewalling and traffic limiting, network filtering, backup, performance tuning, and data recovery, I have run into just about anything over the years. If your server load is high, I can identify the bottleneck and eliminate it. If you hard drive crashed, I can usually recover all the data.

I can write user documentation and can work in a chat, help desk, email, or IM environment very easily. I am very detail oriented, as everyone in this job must be, and very cautious in any changes I do. I can write scripts that alert when certain indicative metrics reveal a potential problem and scripts to do routine cleanup/maintenance work. If you can name it, I've probably done it.

Now, why am I looking for work now? A few months ago, I quit my regular job to travel. I am currently in New Zealand (UTC +12) until November, when I will return to the US. I am a U.S. citizen and though I have work authorization in New Zealand, I am a tax citizen of the US, and look to be paid in US dollars. I'm looking for something fairly flexible and project or performance based, that I can do on my own time. This may be the perfect opportunity for a European, North American, or Australian host to add staff outside their business day to perform maintenance or respond to customers. I understand this is a bit nontraditional, but I'm offering to work for much much less than usual.

If you are interested, please PM me and I'll give you more contact details.