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    * World Creepiest Hotel, anyone??

    This is a story I ran a few weeks back

    about a strange Hotel building in Tianzi China,

    Yeah, they are gods in Chinese religion..
    The left hand side dude (bald) is the Longevity god, he carries a "peach" which is a symbol of long life.

    the middle dude is the prosperity god, I always see him on my father's altar, thats why I recognize him..

    the last dude is my father... LOL... hmmm I am not too sure, maybe he is Judge Bao, or the Emperor of Heaven(Tian Wang) or he might be the Hell's keeper/ Hell god... Anyone can help??

    some Trivia for you:
    1. the "peach" that the longevity god is holding.. is actually a Suite Room! which apparently cost ALOT to stay in a night..

    2. the hotel won a Guinness World Record for the “biggest image building”

    Maybe Christians could build the last supper Hotel?? Any other religious/historical hotel ideas?

    What do you think guys?

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    Someone provided this link:

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    I like this though it looks weird

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