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    Configure your script to use remote MySQL host?

    I sent in a ticket asking my hosting provider how I would be able to upload config files with the DB info of my VPS MySQL, and still haev all the correct tables showing up.

    On my VPS I'm hosting a private server, so I use a program called Navicat to edit stuff in the MySQL database, and site files to htdocs in XAMPP, files you can view by going to

    Now, the all the files I upload to that IP site have the VPS MySQL info in it(DB name, username, pass, host) so they're all connected to the MySQL (the register page, ranking page, and UserCP).

    If I upload those files to my .net site via FTP, it shows up all messed because in the config files, the database isn't matching my actual .net database, so it doesn't show up properly (this is expected).

    I contacted my hosting provider asking if I could do this, and if it would put stress on the server, and they said no, you just need to 'configure your script to use remote mysql host'.

    Then I asked they how, and they pointed my towards

    Can anyone here tell me how I can make it so if I upload files with the info in config.php matching my VPS MySQL database?

    For examples of my pages:

    But, I'd like those to be:

    I've done it with the UserCP before, but I had to point my name servers towards my VPS's, and according to my hosting provider it ended up messing my site (only certain people can view it... not even I can).

    So, I need to know how to 'configure your script to use remote mysql host' so I can upload the same config files in XAMPP to my FTP and still have them connected.



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    The remote access to the mysql must be enabled first. Once done, simply change your host Ip to the VPS server and it would be connected .

    You can have your technical guys check this manually from the web server to make sure remote connection is actually working
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    If you are using cPanel then go to cPanel >> Remote Host section there you can add your mysql server ip in Access list.

    Once that is done, In config file add your host value as mysql server ip and rest database details thats it.

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    Yes I agree if cPanel server then need to add in cPanel > mysql remote host and then it will work.By default it will not allow remote connections.

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    Remote MySQL access is a combination of username, password, and host location. You need to be sure that your username is allowed to access MySQL from the remote IP of your web server.

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